Comment: It all comes down to the soil

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It all comes down to the soil

It seems that a majority of gardeners run into trouble some time or another. The big chemical companies want us to think that it's just nature and there's nothing we can do about it. That's a lie. Carey Reams knew it all goes back to the soil. If you have fungus, it's because of a soil imbalance, if you have insects or precocious weeds, it's still probably a soil imbalance. A plant needs to right ratio of carbon, and 17 other essential nutrients + water. Instead of balancing the soil people try sprays. Composts and cover crops are the way to garden successfully. Unfortunately, Florida and the deep south have wasted soils, but with time these can be replenished. In the meantime grow things like okra,sweet potatoes, and cowpeas that will grow in poor soil, while improving it. These 3 also like hot and dry weather. If rainfall is very low than drip irrigation is probably necessary. A high carbon soil will hold many times more water than a low carbon soil, so building carbon is key. The new hybrids are bred for high chemical use, so find older varieties.