Comment: If you can afford to donate and you feel that Bills will

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If you can afford to donate and you feel that Bills will

actually take the oath of office seriously and help our cause, and if you really feel that you are able and willing to donate, then go ahead. Got any doubts about any of all that? Then don't.

I wouldn't hold that Willard endorsement against Bills, though. It's how the game is played and you know that, Danton. Between him and Rand, it seems to be the new game plan to advance our cause. Appearances can be deceiving. So, ya gotta wonder, when the curtain closes in the voting booths, were those public endorsements the Hawaiian good luck sign...?
is a great post! Maybe if more DPers read it, they will understand about those "endorsements". LOL

Maybe your debit card incident had something to do with somebody who saw the number on a receipt in Tampa? Not saying the campaign didn't do something they shouldn't have but, how did they get your acc't number? Like I said, any doubts, then don't do it.

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