Comment: Here's how it works : haters hate.

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Here's how it works : haters hate.

Here's how it works :

Haters hate.

Bring them some truth and challenging questions ... and they hate you more.

The pitfall / trap is to fall our turn in hating them, and displaying it. We must do our best to avoid that (granted, easier said than done.)

So, there's no point doing so, there, it's a waste of energy, and it's not what we believe in.

It's not so much the bad persons we need to attack as it is THE BAD, DESTRUCTIVE, or downright EVIL ideas and plans that betray the founding principles, and their text, the Constitution.

Let us not cease to defend WHAT is right and must be restored and denounce WHAT is wrong and must be repealed.

Not so much the who.

Principles, ideas, values, FIRST and FOREMOST :


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