Comment: I completely agree, here.

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I completely agree, here.

"You should care about what you put in your body."

Exactly. I completely agree, here.

We should advocate to let the markets play. And tell the people they ought TO BE SELF-RESPONSIBLE with with what they DO TO THEIR OWN BODY and HOW they fund.

Do not expect me to agree being FORCED into funding family planning programs that implement abortion. They want to kill babies ? Fine. Let them convince our natural human compassion and lawmen it isn't illegal or a crime and let them FUND their plans THEMSELVES.

Same goes with food ... so called junk or "healthier" or "natural" or whatnot.

I DECIDE what is right or wrong for my own body, and HOW I spend MY MONEY. I encourage all of us to consider the same.

Bureaucrats and lobbyists DO NOT CARE for a second about your body, MIND YOU !

And it is perfectly natural, by definition, for lobbyists to push THEIR interests. We ought to remain FREE to decide if theirs are compatible with OURS.

BUT ! Bureaucrats ARE NOTHING BUT **PARASITIC**. By definition AGAIN !


I want to be free to decide what I drink, what I eat, how, when, and what for.

If I want to eat junk food, it's my problem. If I get concerned and decide I'm being stupid hurting my body, it's my call to decide what will be better for me. And it's MY RESPONSIBILITY to find reliable, informed sources.

And it's MY CALL to judge if they have an agenda that can deceive me. Or if they are sincere and the wise ones.

And I want to choose, even fund, why not, WHO makes the studies, and thru which scientific methods.

Mankind wasn't meant to become the DUMB cow to be taken care of by bureaucrats, lobbyists and other fanatics of the Legalese language.

Mankind was meant to raise itself via KNOWLEDGE.

Isn't the WWW a clue about that ?


We MUST remain free to decide how we feed our body as much responsibly as we are given the opportunity to feed our brains. Nobody should force us to eat junk food or decide for us what is healthier.

Just like nobody forces us to watch TV, online porn, or use this or that source of information. Or read the Bible, or ignore it, same for the Coran, etc.

And if I'm nut enough to see The Swimming In Great Lakes With My Dog as a path to a Greater Awakening that works for me, nobody should make it illegal, or conversely, to force it on everybody else, either.

That might happen to work ONLY for me. (just a kidding example to make the point, don't worry)


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