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As a Veteran who takes his oath seriously, I have a DUTY to NOT vote for Romney for the very reason this "article" claims that I should. In fact, I have a DUTY to vehemently oppose both of them. You see, when Romney, during the SC debate, said that he would sign the NDAA as written (just like Obama did) - I knew he is an ENEMY of the Constitution and the Republic, unlike what this "article" tries to imply.

You see, the NDAA (now the "law" of the land) which is fully supported by Romney - allows the US Military to: Detain American Citizens Indefinitely - with NO Constitutional Rights! Yes, you are reading this correctly... no crime has to be committed, no charges, no trial, no lawyer, no jury - just Indefinite Prison. (Google: "NDAA Indefinite Detention")

So, please explain to me and other Veterans - who take their Oath to the Constitution seriously - why I should support Romney, since he supports the Death of the Constitution? I'd love to hear your explanation.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa