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Yup, absolutely. And guess

Yup, absolutely. And guess what :

we live in (at least) a 4 dimension-universe :

3 dimensions of space, the fourth is time.

Big gov't PLANS change over time, over otherwise genuinely good intended trends. Big gov't and crony capitalism no doubt have had specific interests in GMOs by the past, and now they may have new ones to put in legalese what is "better" than GMOs.

The Libertarian take :

let the people, consumer DECIDE what is good or bad for themselves, depending on their ways of life.

Human compassion DOES exist. Tasteful habits DO exist. The word of mouth in consumerization DOES exist and has always been powerful.

And even better : families and an ubiquitous WWW for them exists TOO.

Leave the markets alone and they will regulate themselves. FREE masochists will always be the exception. Consumer slaves of bureaucrats and lobbyists is still today's rule, though.

But we can reject this horrendous rule, forced onto us, now we have remembered what Liberty is really about.


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