Comment: "Are there rocks ahead?"

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"Are there rocks ahead?"

"If there are, WE'LL ALL BE DEAD."

Israel needs to be reminded of United States sovereignty and that we will be putting AMERICAN interests as our priority here, making it clear that they should NOT count on America backing them up. And given the grave importance of this issue with respect to further deaths, dismemberment, and other physical injuries to American troops; anticipated civilian casualties; as well as the reality of the fact that we can not financially afford to engage in another war, I think it's important that there be DISCLOSURE to the American people - as to those members of Congress (e.g., apparently the chairman of the Armed Services Committee, for one) and all others working for the UNITED STATES government (including overseas ambassadors) who are in a capacity to provide or analyze information and/or advise the president or Congress regarding this situation with Iran - those individuals who are ISRAELI citizens, i.e., have dual citizenship. Clearly, this poses a possible conflict of interests.

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