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Point taken

I guess I just really wanted to harp on the notion that there is absolutely nothing to be feared from technological advancement, and it seemed, and still seems to a degree, that you're putting forward this fallacy.

I still don't, for instance, buy the idea that automation decreases jobs overall. It frees up energy and time for innovation and new, probably often totally unrelated, industries are frees up energy and time not only among the people who no longer work in that industry, but by lowering the price of whatever is being produced, so consumers, on average, throughout the entire economy, need less resources for necessities & life-enhancing goods and services. A surplus of energy and time is created throughout humanity as a whole, and this creates possibilities and outcomes that nobody can totally grasp or predict.

I realize you're saying that technological advancement can be misused by govt monopolists, but I would just point out that primitive conditions can also be, and certainly have been, exploited by govt monopolists...the problem begins and ends with govt monopolists.

I don't rule out whatever your solution happens to be, I'm just saying that you have a society full of people bred to be ignoramuses, operating under a soft tyranny, and largely happy about it....I'm just saying that needs to be addressed will naturally come about, the market will solve everything, when people really begin rejecting government. I stand corrected as far as characterizing your solution as Marxist. As long as there's no coercion involved, it's cool with me....I just think it might be cart before the horse....there are endless examples already, everywhere, of success being achieved when government is nullified, but people are too brainwashed to recognize what's taking place...and when the government recognizes it, the positive activity is outlawed.

Thanks for the stimulating discussion.