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In a truly free society from

In a truly free society from the BEGINNING, we wouldn't likely be having this conversation. Small local farmers would still be flourishing instead of having their farms raided and having to go to court against Monsanto for "patent infringement" or whatever they want to call it when a Monsanto seed blows into their fields.

Through their monopoly...Monsanto is aggressively taking over the world's food production. They have only gotten to where they are BECAUSE of the fact that they control Capitol Hill.

You should be talking about the rights of the small farmers, not Monsanto.

I understand your views...but on an issue like can't get to this point through fascism/bribery/lobbying, etc, ...that has been going on for DECADES...then do an about face and say the company who got to where it is from all of these methods...the company who now holds a monopolistic STRANGLEHOLD on our food supply...should now be able to do whatever they want.

If that's the case...we should have given the same rights to the small farmers 20+ years ago.

As far as eating this stuff for 20 years..yeah, I agree with you. I don't have any tumors sticking out of my side either...yet.

Still...1 in 10 teens now has liver disease. The lifespan of Americans is starting to decrease. It could be lots of factors...but we still need more long term unbiased studies.

And yes...I do realize some sources will be biased against GMO. But how many reasons do we have to not trust our government? How many times have they lied to us? Do you really believe those airport Xray machines are safe? How long have we been scammed on the "food pyramid" that does nothing but make Americans sick and fat.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul