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Comment: There's another problem that hasn't been brought up yet

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There's another problem that hasn't been brought up yet

The govt. won't allow non-GMO produce and other non-GMO products to be labeled as non-GMO. If govt. would get out of the way, many companies would voluntarily label their products as non-GMO and we could actually be free to choose. I was shopping at Clarke's several months ago and asked the produce lady if the organic label means non-GMO. She said that the GMO stuff is everywhere now and "organic" doesn't always mean non-GMO.

In addition, farmers who choose not to use GMO seeds end up with GMO infected crops due to wind or bees carrying GMO pollen. The end result is that the courts award damages to the GMO farmers on the grounds of IP rights violations on the part of innocent farmers whose crops get polluted with GMO pollen.

Govt. force is being utilized by the GMO companies, we just want protection from them.