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I understand where your coming from but...

First off i want to say, not everyone is meant to be a politician, i understand that, if you are finding you need a goal, keep teaching and spreading the message. When people 'wake up' they can become intoxicated by the message, and they may end up becoming a politician themselves. Our biggest goal should be to expand.

I understand if you just dont see the long term playing out yet. Jack Hunter explained it best describing the Pat Robertson situation from 1988.

"James Antle asked the question: What would've done more to advance the Christian Rights goals in 1988? Pat Robertson winning the 1988 nomination, or his supporters winning party leadership positions all over the country?"

First lets remember what the answer would've been from Robertson supporters in 1988: President Robertson or noone. -sound familiar?

"From the perspective of a Pat Robertson supporter, would it have been better for him to become president in 88' or was it more valuable that his people eventually took over the republican party."

We are in fact taking over the GoP, it's as simple as that, the old guard is on the way out, theres nothing they can do about it.

I understand where your coming from as in, i understand that you can't see we are taking over the Republican Party. I promise in time you will see the change.