Comment: Oh yeah gotta love it. "Went off".

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Oh yeah gotta love it. "Went off".

Uh huh. Went off. Like it got out of it's fence and started wandering around. Or perhaps it went off and had a full-on hissy-fit. Yup, there everybody was just standing around and all the sudden the gun, of it's own accord, went totally off.

So. Can we all ask a stupid question?


Mind if I take a guess? See, we know a bullet went through a TSA office window so a more predictable headline might be "FLIGHT ATTENDANT FIRES ON TSA CHECKPOINT" or "FLIGHT ATTENDANT OPENS FIRE ON TSA AT AIRPORT". And said flight attendant wouldn't have been detained and realesed, her sweet muffins would be headed for a long bake in Gitmo.

Logic seems to point to an untrained TSA agent or other domestic terrorist.

But that's just my guess.

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