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Well put

As I told my kids:

Do you really want a job so you can buy a CD player for your dining room? (That was the premise of the initial discussion). They said yes.

I said, don't you just want the CD player and not the hassle of working? Yes.

Ah, but don't you just want the ability to play CDs and not the actual player? Yes, I think so.

And don't you really, when it all boils down, just want to be able to listen to whatever music you want at your convenience? Yes.

But if you worked, you'd have to buy a CD player, then all the CDs you wanted, total that up with social security and other job expenses and divide by 75% tax rate and then divide that by whatever you can make per hour. That's probably many weeks of work.

Alternatively, you could just open some internet radio, playlist, youtube or similar site and skip the rest. Now, what do you want in life? House, car, food, clothes....