Comment: They were fear-mongering not truth-finding

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They were fear-mongering not truth-finding

NaturalNews and Infowars produces a large number of antiscientists, both left-wing and right-wing.

They go far beyond what I would consider healthy skepticism about scientific innovations (like vaccinations and genetic modification) into the realm of paranoia. They aren't concerned with valid science and they can quickly and easily make gibberish claims sound plausible, especially when they attack an unpopular subject like GMFs. Scientific facts are often difficult to understand and counterintuitive. It always takes longer to write a scientifically accurate response than emotional gibberish, so the gibberish usually dominates the discussion. When person after person repeats the same emotional myths it only reinforces the pseudoscience and brings people who are normally rational into the lunatic fringe. Then of course when people like me (and Atkinson) start scrutinizing their psueodoscience accusations, they vanish for a while until lessons are forgotten and then come back repeating the same crap during another blitz.

Some libertarians are very prone to getting fooled by the antiscience rants by Alex Jones and Mike Adams (and often Mercola) because they know they have been lied to about monetary policy, the War on Drugs, the War on Terror and other important issues, but medicine is NOT the same. Other factors complicate the matter even further (such as the business practices of Monsanto, which is different from GMO technology) and the actions of the FDA and NIH. If is often all lumped together as "mainstream medicine and everything in it is bad," when it reality it is not mainstream medicine as a whole that is the problem, but certain aspects (usually not related to the science itself).