Comment: GMOs are neither bad nor good.

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GMOs are neither bad nor good.

It depends what humans do with the technology. It is much like a cell phone/computer technology. One could look at an "evil" corporation like Apple and say "look at all of the wonderful things their computers and cell phones are giving us" or one could look at it and say "APPLE IS KILLING US WITH THEIR BRAIN CANCER CAUSING NONIONIZING RADIATION AND MAKING A HUGE PROFIT AND KILLING OFF ALL OF THE SMALL TECH COMPANIES." I used this example because I have seen similar claims before.

There is nothing inherently good or bad about computer technology and there is nothing good nor bad about genetic engineering. It is not a violation of what is "natural" and it is not a massive conspiracy to kill off humanity like the Nazis (like Mike Adams claimed today). Genetic engineering has the potential to change the world in a great way. Can you imagine if these scientists/engineers can figure out how to make a wide range of safe crops that can survive pests and diseases? That is human progress at its finest.