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On "Why" nature

I only came to be able to really speak out for Ron Paul when I reilized that a pro-life stance could be used to combat things like this :

If it is murder to abort a fetus, then it it a crime to change that person's sex while in womb.

(of course, in most if not all cases of abortion I think the proper legale perspective in regards to abortions is that of justifiable homicide)

These views help me sell Ron Paul to feminists and the "pro-choice at all costs" sorts, as well as environmentalists.

If Ron Paul had the nomination, I would have gone on sabbatical from my job and been knocking on doors, in liberal California, in no small part because I am a "foodie", and I want a healthy natural world, and I see an opening in the liberty movement to even begin talking about these things nationally. (though Jill Stien is also doing a good job in this area)