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Don't listen to this other guy

The best thing you can do is cut out excess sugar (and obviously alcohol) intake. Fruit is ok in moderation, but we have run into serious trouble with the way we consume it and fruit sugar nowadays. A lot of our ills as a society can be traced back to our sugar consumption. See: Sugar-The Bitter Truth

There is an enzyme I take called Serrapeptase. You can consider it to be in the family of "systemic enzymes" along with nattokinase. You take them in such a way that instead of digesting your food like normal proteolytic enzymes, they enter your bloodstream and digest scar tissue, calcificaiton, and dead tissue through your body. Serrapeptase is especially good at digesting fibrin, which makes up the structure of scar tissue. For anyone at risk for heart disease, this should be your go-to supplement. Nothing will clear out artery plaque faster. I think it would definitely help someone heal a fatty liver.