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Do you do the Will of the Father? What is the Will of the Father? Can you research exactly what that Will is, and then let me know if you follow it. You become Jesus's brother when you are born again and when you follow His ways. To understand how you have to live on the earth is to mirror how Jesus lived, only then can you claim such status, but even then I would say use caution, even the greatest of Christian on the earth can fall prey to temptation, and fall short of the kingdom of Heaven. Do you think God is going to let sinners enter into the kingdom? If you sin, you will not enter, that is why it says narrow is the gate. Most people won't be able to stop sinning and make it in. Once you know the Way and the Truth and you still sin, you can pray all you want to Jesus and He says your prayer will be like an abomination to Him. The Bible also states that if you overcome the world that you will actually get to sit next to Jesus on the throne for the Judgement which is the millenium that the Bible talks about. I have studied the Bible for years and have found no flaw in it as of yet. The Bible also states that the Devil will blind the mind of non believers so they cannot recieve the gospel, so if the gospel does not make sense to you, you may want to consider that.

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