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Three Things

First, save this interview. In 25 years when your children are taught that we had to "take out a madman," this will be the type of information (not propaganda) that circulates amongst communities like ours - God willing they still exist.

Second, many people will say that he's crazy for believing that homosexuality is not something determined genetically. Personally, I think that like anything, there are elements of nature and nurture involved. Either way, we should bear in mind that several of our elected leaders (including some who were close to getting the Republican nomination this cycle) share his beliefs.

Third, people need to recognize the distinction between a disagreement and a threat. I do not agree with everything that he says (assuming he is not constantly lying, however, I actually agree with a great many of the ideas he expresses in this interview about humanity, love, freedom, etc, and it seems that, sadly, he has put more thought into his positions than the majority of our elected leaders). That said, whether you agree or disagree, whether he poses a threat must be evaluated separately.

This is where I find his interviews to be most fascinating. He may be a blood thirsty madman, hell bent on global destruction who is masterfully adept at deceiving a western audience. That is the conclusion that I would have to draw if I believed what the media and court of public opinion tell me. The trouble is, I would bet that 80% of Americans know nothing of "Iran" other than the "fact" that they want to kill us, and the media has demonstrated to me time and again that it cannot be trusted.

Looked at in this light, interviews with Ahmadinejad are extremely powerful. Disagreement with many of his ideas does not confirm the mainstream American thesis that he wants to incite WWIII; perhaps he does, but the "Ahmadinejad is clearly a loose cannon" argument does not, in my opinion, provide a sufficient foundation on which to build a case for intervention.

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