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I'm saying that the liberty candidate just threw herself under a bus in the GOP to win LP votes. It's a three way race in her district for the GOP.. so she just lost the GOP votes, which is the bigger party for votes who hopes to get.

The worst part, for those of us who joined the GOP and have to deal with the "libertarian" lable (I was once a member, so last meeting a member says, "Well Grace, a good friend of mine says you tell everyone you are a proud libertarian". I responded, "I was a Libertarian from 76-93, became an Indy, and joined the GOP in 2010." They looked at the chair, and the chair said, "That's right.", So the committee member said, "You looked it up?", and the chair says, "Yes, of course, and she qualified for her seat." The committee member says, "Oh", and gives me this smile like, "Oops!")

So this kind of endorsement doesn't help those of us in the GOP for Ron Paul, but she doesn't care about us, apparently, and why it's a desperate move. She has nothing to lose becasue she's losing.