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Public Consumption

(This is the reply I was working on this morning and when I copied and pasted it in my reply above I got the 403 error. Seems you and I were both working in the same place at the same time. That must also be what happened yesterday, except I hit reply before you? I am sorry Joe, I know I do not ususally update my stuff, but I thought since I said I was not finished yet you would not answer yet. I work in Word so when I get a 403 I still have my words, and when I do not work in word I always highlight my text and ctrl C (copy) before I hit save so if something happens I still have my text ready to paste again. I think it is resident in Notepad that way if I remember right when I do Ctrl C. Anyways, I hate that I ever make you loose words. I hate that I lose your words because I expectantly look forward to reading your words and then to have them lost is my lost, but probably not as painful as yours since it is your effort that is lost.)

I opened that link with HS. After the last bout with willl, I have thought maybe it better that I not look into your public conversation so that it does not interfere with ours. That willl thing was strange. You know I am always ready to come to your defense in other posts and I could not for the life of me understand what willl did that was so wrong because he did not do it with mean words like on that Rothbard/Menger post, but rather with subtle (invisible to me) Parthian arrow. And I am not as understanding as you are in the subtlety of conversation and dictating words. I also noted how willl asked you for help and then turned on your help. Perhaps that was part of it? I see the new person you are speaking with also asked for help and you cleared the air right away. I do hope it is equitable. One thing which may have alrady been touched upon between you two, is that you have helped me see that competition or parallel currencies is very necessary regardless of what type of currencies is being used. The Fed is using paper and when paper is used by the monopoly it can be printed to fund anything...which is why I think maybe some people say money should be scarce so that it cannot be used to buy anything criminally WWIII. I am still trying to iron that out in my mind. How do you keep Criminals from using a plenteous supply to buy what they want even if there are parallel currencies?

Leading me to this question…what do you think about bitcoin?

I sent your link yesterday to from here and noticed you had an up vote last night. Connecting dots as I so like to do, I was hoping that the person voted you up after I directed them to you.
I noticed you quoted Paine. Something I have been wanting to ask: Didn’t Ben Franklin subsidize Paine? Was he a hired “gun?” Is that why he went to France? Was he a revolutionist writer? Did he get mixed up with the wrong people? Is that why he was kept in jail in France? Someone…Jefferson or Henry, I think maybe Jefferson, started going along with the Constitution because he feared French Revolution coming to the US, or something to that effect. Do you know what I am talking about?
I think Connecting Dots may be a competitive thing to do, however, it can get one into a lot of trouble when dots are missed or unseen or construed to mean something they are not. That is why I appreciate your help. You know a lot about dots and even know where they are hiding. Was Franklin a good guy?
“That is a trap. Communism is a False Front hiding Legal Criminals, and as soon as Joe McCarthy starts trying Communists (presumed innocent but definitely on trial) the Legal Criminals know better, and so they put on their McCarthyism hats.”

I was meaning that the Legal Criminals use Communism to achieve the ends to their goals. Is that a wrong view?

What does it mean for the Legal Criminals to put on their McCarthyism hats?

“That is another trap. The False Front is this false image that there are the same few people sitting around the same table and they are never discovered so the whole concept of "Conspiracy Theory" is insane, saying the same things, never any result. The truth can be known, and I think that the names of the worst Top 10 people change as to which actual individual person is the most powerful criminal, which has to be someone connected to Legal Power in some manner, so the most powerful criminal is going to be a Legal Criminal, and you had better know, and certainly the most powerful criminal know, that his or her position is not going to be held forever, it will be subject to the second most powerful criminal, and that is the name of the game.”

Alan Watt talks a lot about the Royal Institute of International Affairs Great Britain, and the Council of Foreign Relations as being the power brokers steering world affairs and quotes Carroll Quigley , Tragedy and Hope, alot and says those brokers have 50 year business plans just like companies and corporations have business plans.

Are you saying that the Top 10 do not work together and have a business plan to take over the world, but are rather in constant competition as to who will take over the world?

If that is the case, then perhaps what Alan Watt speaks to is the business plan of one group of the Criminals in the Top 10?

How does the view that the Jesuits are the king pins work into all of this. It is not that I am wanting to know specifics. I am trying to set a frame of understanding to help me place pieces. I suppose to connect dots which I am very fond of doing.

“Do you claim that The Federal Reserve System is morally legitimate use of power and do you claim that anyone intending to report the facts about The Federal Reserve System is someone who is a fool, someone who falsely believes a "Conspiracy Theory"?”

I do not think I claim that at all. I think you have shown me that it is Crime in Progress. So in your mind is the Federal Reserve one of those Top 10 Criminals vying for power? As if the Federals Reserve System is a person, but it is as you have taught me, a thing. So there are Criminals within that system; there are Criminals that use that system’ there are Criminals who benefit from the power stolen by that system’ there are Criminals in charge of that system. Are those Criminals the Jesuits?

“Monopolization works the way it works, and it works on criminals, and it works on victims, so there may be many criminals, Monarchies or whatever name works, and then a deal is made to Incorporate the process of making crime legal, to make a deal, to split up the territory, to make sure that none of the Legal Criminal Competitors go too far in showing how The People can use scarce power in the work required to make power abundant, because that would never do, it can't be allowed, because then the victims could learn by that example, they can voluntarily unite into a Voluntary Union of Former Victims, World Wide, and then Legal Crime would no longer pay very well, as the number of ready victims shrink down to nothing, and the only victims left are the criminals themselves, and they eat each other down to the last two, and then the last one eats the second to last one, and then what, the last Legal Criminal goes to work at McDonalds?
That is how that works, and it is not a "theory", it is how that works.”

To recap for my understanding and repetition so that I might remember: Criminals will in competition with each other also divide, conquer, reorganize, and reset the stage in order to keep the people from understanding how to gain power.

“Why has Switzerland been allowed to go unmolested through 2 World Wars so far? Will Switzerland be excused from World War III? Where will you go on Vacation during World War III, while everyone else if armed to the teeth, ready, willing, able, and currently at each others throats?”

“So if someone looked at travel into Switzerland during the WW’s one could find out who the Top Criminals are?”

“Switzerland? Which money do the most powerful people use to store their personal savings accounts?”

Didn’t a lot of the Jewish people who were trying to save their family money put that money or gold or whatever it was into Swiss Accounts (or safety deposit boxes)? And then those same people ended up in Concentration Camps and then dead? Seems like I remember reading something about that as a teen or young adult. Does that ring any bells for you? I wonder what ever happened to those accounts.

“Which government do the most powerful people use to keep a good vacation spot always available despite these "worst of times" that they buy with their stolen loot?”

Who is in charge of the Swiss Government, and why are they the “chosen land?”

“I do not know much about China, but I know that the answer to that question is that similar (if not the same) money brokers did, in fact, fund the Chinese Communists and you can look into what happened to Chiang Kai-shek.”

We have a friend from Taiwan visiting here along with a Taiwanese National. We were talking about her country and China. Taiwan does not compete in the Olympics because China will not allow them to. That was news to me. I thought the Olympics were open and fair games for all the world to participate in. I guess I already knew better, but I didn’t think a country would keep another country from participating. Anyways, it seems that the Chinese leaders were allowed to escape to Taiwan during the Chinese Communist revolution. That is weird isn’t it? I wonder why they were not killed…some kind of deal made?

“I did a quick search and found this:
“The pro-Communist group in the State Department… promoted at every opportunity the Communist cause in China.”
Senator Robert A. Taft (R-Ohio), quoted in Dean Acheson's Present at the Creation
Chiang Kai-shek was, apparently, more dangerous to the most powerful people than "Communism", or what: expendable?”

So one minute McCarthy is screaming RED and the next minute there were pro-Communists in the State Department. Was McCarthy a friend or a foe? Really, I am very confused about all of this communism stuff.
“…so you see, a Chess Piece can be a very bad person sent on a very bad mission, while the very bad person may even be fooled himself, or herself, into a false belief that what they are doing is necessary.”

Like Gaddafi? Was he a bad person? Did he do bad things to the people in Libya in addition to bringing some equity? It seems to me when I watched that video that he was spreading the wealth of the land among the people of the land. But maybe it was only for certain ones? Was he a religious sectarian killing one group of Muslims while empowering his own group? Seems to me that could serve someone’s purposes in addition to his own…connecting dots, again.
“That is reality. It only appears as if one Nation is disconnected from another Nation, so as to create the False Front that covers up the true facts, we are one people, one hegemony, right now it is The Dollar Hegemony, but the victims are UNDERSTANDING the true nature of the game, so it is time for a Reset, to scramble things up, start over, and the False Front will have a new name, but it will be the same thing. A new Top 10 may hold the top most powerful positions, most likely, but the Game remains the same, that is why Wars are necessary, again, were the victims to be IN LIBERTY for too long, too many former victims, then Liberty would take over - fast.”

Now, that makes sense of a Revelation passage from the Bible where it says no man will be able to buy are sell if they do not have the mark of the beast. Maybe the final reset will require a pledge and a chip so as to remove the people’s (as well as vying criminals) ability to do anything even if they do understand the plan of the Criminals. It is very strange for me to see the world as all connected. Do you mean we are connected from the Legal Criminals point of view? Do all nations seem themselves as connected? Seems like in that Alan Watt talk he spoke about how countries are labeled by the Royal Institute as according to their vulnerability to subversion.

“…I think China isn't going to go along as planned by the most powerful evil people.”

Me: "So it would make sense to me since, China has seen revolution and purging that it is already under Legal Criminal Monopoly control. Maybe that is why we are “softening” the power holders in Middle East? Maybe they have become aware of what the Criminals are doing and have resisted, so even though Criminals (thru US power) have installed governments Criminals are toppling them and installing new government powers that they will go along with the Criminal scheme."
You: “That is my view.”

So is China one of the Top 10 and the leaders there are trying to assume Top Role so as not to be dominated by whoever is at the top of the banana pile right now? Do leaders of nations become powerful and then do not want to submit to further control by the higher powers? If so, say there is this “business plan:” Part of the plan has to deal with continual vying for top position. Are you saying the “people” of China are not going to put up with the new dollar hegemony or are you saying the “leaders” of China are not going to put up with it?
“The most powerful people use the most powerful tools to accomplish their goals, and the counterfeit things are "For Public Consumption".

I want to know, do you think what Alan Watt talks about is “for Public Consumption?”

Alan Watt talks a lot about the Royal Institute of International Affairs Great Britain, and the Council of Foreign Relations as being the power brokers steering world affairs (or maybe think tanks for power brokers) and quotes Carroll Quigley , Tragedy and Hope, alot and says those brokers have 50 year business plans just like companies and corporations have business plans.
I found this information regarding that book in the text on that page:
"Millions of copies of these books came into print, and the conservative movement changed forever.

Copies of Tragedy and Hope began disappearing from library shelves.
A pirate edition was printed.
Quigley came to believe that his publisher Macmillan had suppressed his book.
Dr. Gary North, the esteemed economic commentator and historian has an interesting discussion of these curious facts in the chapter, "Maverick 'Insider' Historians," in his book, Conspiracy: A Biblical View, available on-line."
I am just throwing this stuff out there, not arguing. Do you think that the information by Carroll Q. is a False Front/Trap/Public Consumption? I do not know anything about it.
You mentioned Sutton a couple of times. I am connecting dots…are you saying that I should try to read Sutton so as to get an understanding of how all this works? I think that is what you told me to read the first time I asked you about taking Liberty Classroom. I remember you talking about reading (I can’t remember the guy but he had the name Lucifer in a lot of his book titles) one of his books online and you did not like reading an electronic copy. I think I feel the same way about reading on line. It is tedious and then it is also hard to bookmark my place in between readings…but that is the very first thing you directed me to read, and I have failed to do it.
“literary blowback?”

Literary blowback, interesting term. I just wanted to make sure I understood where you were coming from since it was not definitely understood from the context. You can use the word infect if you want. While it has a negative connotation, I think an infection is also something that kind of takes over or fights against what is resident so I can see perhaps that idea being contextual. Like in Romans 12:2 Be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind. Infect = renewing transformation? Probably I would think of Scripture more as an antibiotic.