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Comment: Does anyone here have insight

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Does anyone here have insight

Does anyone here have insight into what A. meant by holocaust research not being allowed in Europe? Is it that he disputes the exact figures of holocaust victims...believing them to be inflated as I have heard other critics mention that the 6 million would be impossible under the conditions/population at the time. Or does he deny the entire existence of the holocaust? I was interested to hear his argument and the background that he began to lay out...but of course that attack rat Piers wouldn't allow him to continue with his thread taking more time to nag him than if he allowed him to elaborate.

I believe the holocaust existed but I am open to examining what others have to say ...what is wrong with discussing historical events and examining evidence? Perhaps the details were inflated or obscured...that is important to examine. If the facts are as we are told, the truth should prevail under examination. So why won't Piers and world leaders allow A. to make his case?

I can't believe we are living in this bizzaro time of complete paradox when we say we believe in the scientific way of empirical evidence yet we are constantly being cencored from real discussion and examination of facts and evidence while we are also taught to self-censor ourselves in political correctness. Ayeyaiyai.