Comment: This does not apply to me. Sorry. I will have none of it.

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This does not apply to me. Sorry. I will have none of it.

Born too early one might say.

Mary Croft speaks eloquently on this sort of material. Quite pleasant listening. She has written books & presented many documentaries.

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by: Mary Elizabeth: Croft

    When we appear in court and the matter is called, we ought to say that “I am here by special appearance to correct a mistake. The Crown appears to believe that I am the party charged and that I am “recognized everywhere as a person before the law”. This is a mistake and the only reason I am here is to correct it.”

    If judges do not simply dismiss the charges, then, likely, they will threaten us, in order that we give them the name; but we MUST NOT acquiesce. We now know they are trying to get us to make joinder with the legal name which, if we did, we would be, essentially, expressing our desire to reverse our decision of having waived our human “right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law”.

    We could respond by saying, “my name is not registered and it is my private property; so, unless you can show me a law which requires me to give you my private property, then I refuse your offer to contract.” The Surname belongs to the Crown and the given names belong to us, but when they put both given and surname together, it creates the name they use in order to trick us into submitting to their jurisdiction.

    If the judge continues to insist that we provide the court with our name, we could say, “I am sorry, but you have not provided me with any proof that I am under any legal obligation to provide you with my private property, but I am curious about why you require it, since my only purpose here today is to assist the court by correcting a mistake. Is the reason you want my name so you can make joinder between me, a man, and your legal name, so you can deem me a “person before the law”, in order to give you jurisdiction to administer your Statutes and Acts against me?”

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