Comment: Court proceeding are public record. Many are filmed.

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Court proceeding are public record. Many are filmed.

You may ask. beware of whom you ask. Many free video interviews available. Few, if any, of her in court.

COURT: Who’s Who and What to Say
by Mary Elizabeth Croft

As originally posted on: Spiritual Economics Now December 9, 2010

My [Mary Elizabeth Croft] position on going to court has always been: never voluntarily go to court. Live men and women are not meant to be in any place designed solely for the business of fictional entities. When we attend court, we are deemed dead, in fact, they cannot deal with us until we admit to being dead….a legal fiction….a trust. Court is for titled persons: judge, prosecutor, defendant, bailiffs, cops, and attorneys. Live men and women are not recognized, so it makes sense to send in a dead person – an attorney – to handle our cases …. except for one thing: they do not know how the system works, due to their indoctrination. If you can find one to do as you say, then you will prevail, but most of them would rather hang onto their BAR cards than behave honourably. The only thing that dead, fictional entities want from us is our life energy, and the only way they can get it is by our agreement. Without us, they cannot function, so, they are desperate to get us into court, to have us pay the debt which they created by charging the trust.

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