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Comment: Did you change your subject line?

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Did you change your subject line?

Anyway-you are consistently in the other direction-why?

Do we get anywhere if we look at all things w/ our perceptions colored by our allegiance to our individually preferred collectives?

Does a comment like your (new?)subject line make any rational sense?
That is a very large number of people you collectivized there; how would such a calculation be accomplished, scientifically, to determine the winners of each prize: most evil, most perfect?

Would one survey all the potential people that could possibly consider themselves in those collectives and apply a weight to each based on their responses as to their individual degree of membership in those two collectives? Or would a judge or panel of judges arbitrarily assign individuals to the two collectives possible?

Once that is accomplished how would you determine the individual evil vs perfect score to begin calculating the jew and palestinian total evil and total perfect score?

Please answer this in detail since I have noticed you are the final arbiter of ALL things Fact and Science. I await your omniscient ruling anxiously.

P.S. "It's a modern country in the midst of 13th century religious theocracies"

Ever heard; "Be careful what you wish for" or P5/P-five(poor planning leads to piss poor performance)? More clearly to the point, your complaints that follow your statement quoted above is analogous to a family that moves into home a mile from the threshold of 27L at O'Hare and then complains about the noise and pulls every trick to get O'Hare closed?? Why try to build a modern country in the middle of 13th century religious theocracies??

The bottom line for myself and many others is that I am cool with all humans making their own choices as long as they accept the full risk/responsibility for those choices.

But that is not what we are getting in this case. The "Modern" state of Israel(modern as opposed and distinctly separate from this iteration from the Israel of books considered Holy by many) agitated, in record setting broadness of the term, to get a state in the locale you complain about with the primary agitating to the USA through Truman to make it happen. Then when what any idiot could anticipate happening happened, they agitate constantly(shattering their old record for broadness of the term) to achieve the Middle East equivalent of closing O'Hare. In the process of all that they have subverted, bankrupt and destroyed my country-Thanks.

"You are a den of vipers and thieves."

I mean to rout you out!

-Just because you are among us, does not make you with us

-The door is wide open, anything can slither in