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well, I don't believe that--

and we can disagree amicably. I have studied botany and even plant genetics, though I'm not implying that you haven't as well--

this reminds me of when Australia imported American (western) Jack Rabbits to take care of some of their problematic vegetation, and then the Jack Rabbits became a worse problem.

The same thing happened with human health with regards to antibiotics, and now many M.D.s are drastically cutting back in their use of antibiotics, because of superbugs--

Why can't *we* learn these lessons from history? Because GMOs, like other technology that is not really helping humanity--make a lot of $ for a very few--on the backs of those who are already struggling to survive (family farmers)

Most pests and diseases can be handled naturally, if farmers don't have more land than they can handle--

GMO can only benefit agribusiness--

Agribusiness doesn't do very much for the American economy and is an immense welfare recipient--

I don't believe that scientists will solve plant problems as long as they are 'owned' by giants like Monsanto; I believe that wise stewardship of the earth is the only way plant problems can be solved--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--