Comment: Congress and the Senate is who we need to focus

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Congress and the Senate is who we need to focus

If we understand the way that our forefathers created the government is as a Republic in which we vote our representatives to represent the people. Congress creates the Laws, allocates the money to the executive branch to spend on the programs. First we need to replace John Boehner, and to replace the senate with Senators that will vote in a constitutional manner. If we replace the Senators with liberty minded Senators, and replace the RHINO republicans in the house, this will be the beginning stage of taking our country back. Romney and Obama there is not much of a difference, Johnson we do not know much about of where he stands on Audit the Fed, Foreign Policy, etc, so I can not bring myself to vote for him due to not knowing much about him, thus I will vote Romney, but will also vote and fight to put a Senate and Congress that will not be a rubber stamp for the administration.