Comment: If you're talking about buying ore or 'unrefined silver'

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If you're talking about buying ore or 'unrefined silver'

You'd better be ready to take delivery by the ton, but I wouldn't recommend doing it.

Watch a couple videos about silver mining and you'll find that only about 30% of silver is even mined directly. The rest is found as a byproduct of other-metal mining.

Even if you hooked up with a direct miner of silver with really silver-rich ore, there's no way they could really guarantee or even estimate how much silver was in a particular truckload. And by the time the silver ore is 'halfway' refined there's been so much heat added that it only makes sense to continue refining and make either 1-oz rounds to polish and sell, or 100 oz bars to sell to another mint for making their own 1 or 10 oz rounds or bars.

Good luck!

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