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Thank you for the response

I was hoping to get more feedback on this issue - as it is an important topic.......Seems like his personal view is pro choice up to the point of a viable fetus (ie - could live outside the mothers body) but he stands for states rights - so oddly even though he is personally pro choice he is against Roe vs Wade - believes its an encroachment of the federal gov't on an issue that should be decided by the states.

I think maybe I could live with that. If it had been left up to the states this entire time - a whole bunch of unborn children would have been born. Im convinced at least 25 of the 50 states would outlaw it if possible.

I am strongly pro life because I believe abortion violates the basic libertarian principle of not causing harm to another person. I know when someone is considered a person is up for debate. But I believe its vital to err on the side of caution with this - and protect life whenever possible.

I am dying to get behind a real alternative to Romney or Obama. I know there is no discernable difference between Obama or Romney. And our country is in real bad shape at this point. The media is a joke and its quite clear republicans and democrats both support the war, policestate form of America that we all here know is happening.

Ron Paul really was of the best of everything from my perspective. No one is perfect but he was really really close. I just dont know if writing him in will really accomplish anything. And I am dying to see Gary Johnson in a debate format with the other two - if for nothing else but America getting to see there is a real alternative and also to highlight just how little difference there is between republicans and democrats