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Comment: I agree

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I agree

In VT, write-ins are still counted. So if you write in RP here, they will count the vote and it will show up. I'm mostly leaning towards GJ as he does have a better chance of winning. Either way, it will send the message where one of the potential GOP's vote went to.

However, those of you who are definitely writing in RP, go ahead and still do as I positive that like most people here, you are one of those who have been "awakened", but, would it be a problem if you mention Gary Johnson in your daily conversations? GJ has been included in at least one poll and as it turned out, 63% of them had no idea who he was.

So, what if RP supporters just mention him or help get the word out? Perhaps point people in the right direction in doing their own research? I mean, isn't that what RP wanted in the first place: For people to do their own research and make up their own mind? Might as well give them ALL the options.

Regardless on YOUR well-informed decision, good luck and God bless.