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understanding the problem

If you do not understand the problem, it is very unlikely that you will be able to acheive any kind of satisfactory solution. I have yet to see any evidence here that anybody understands the problem.

Here is some evidence for that. Despite having fought for freedom for 30 + years (since founding of libertarian party) you are farther away from a free society than you were back then.

You think that people are sorta like you, and if not, that you can use reason to convince them to be like you and value the things that you value. If not then they are just bad, or stupid and you need power to control them. This makes you different from them how exactly?

I doubt if one person in 10 on this forum has any knowledge of what makes people use their brains in the ways that they do. Most of you do not know what science is or how it works. You could not explain, even if your life depended on it, why intelligent design is, by defintion, not science.

I could go on, but instead enter the two words orwells boot, and read the first article that comes back. Also the link to