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Bingo! Most insightful comment on the page.

This is exactly why libertarians have been able to support RP all these years, even though he is wrong on one issue. So what!?! He is humble enough not to insist he has all the answers, he cares about the Constitution and the law so he would try to do something he doesnt have authority on, so it doesnt matter!

Well I have been doing that since '88, voting for Dr Paul despite his one anti-liberty position because I am smart enough to notice it doesnt matter.

And, I know this will offend some people but in the end I think it's best to say what I say and let people take it how they will.

It's time for all these johnny-come-lately Paul supporters that just materialised out of the Huckabee-ignoramous wing and realised that issues of sound money and peaceful foreign policy actually matter within the past 10 years to buck up and do what the rest of us have been doing all along. Maybe if you keep thinking along these lines you will eventually understand why it isn't a liberty-focused position to want the police interfering in the relationship between a woman and a doctor... or maybe you wont. Even if you dont, the foolishness of opposing the single sane voice left in the race in terms of foreign and monetary policy because you dont understand enough to agree with his personal opinion on abortion, when his opinions on monetary and foreign policy would actually have affect and his opinion on abortion would not... the mind, it boggles, it truly do.

You dont like Gary Johnson's liberty-focused view on abortion? Boo-freaking-hoo. Get over it. His opinion on this one issue would no more be decisive than Dr. Pauls would have been. The President doesnt decide these things, folks, so it's foolish to predicate your vote on them!

There is only one liberty-minded candidate who is going to be on the ballot in enough states to have a possibility of winning. Gary Johnson. Dr. Paul, bless his heart, has decided to sit this one out. So your choice is easy. Governor Johnson, or more tyranny. Decide, and vote.