Comment: With you 110 percent!

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With you 110 percent!

I'll be voting for Gary Johnson specifically so that they have to announce his percentages. If Johnson gets over 10% it sends a clear message that the GOP had better cater to our positions or wither on the vine. A write in for Paul will be anounced as "other" on election night and not buy us anything except for a sound nights sleep.

In the meantime let's keep taking over the GOP at the local levels by any means possible and be as much of a thorn in the national committe's side as is humanly possible.

They want us discouraged, they want us to not show up. Ron Paul would want us to prove them wrong and keep fighting as best we can. We have numbers, we need unity. Right here and now in the Presidential election of '12 Gary Johnson is the candidate to unite behind.

Use things not People. Love People not things.