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Every single president has

Every single president has left the government bigger than his predecessor, so clearly voting hasn't changed anything either. I'm not saying that not voting is going to change anything, unless nobody voted, but neither is voting. The only way to change things is by convincing more people to become libertarians. Voting or not voting doesn't make more libertarians, only by studying the philosophy yourself and teaching others about it can you increase our numbers.

What worries me is when people get caught up in this idea that voting is going to fix our problems. I worry because I want people to spend their time on educating themselves and others, and if they are spending a lot of their time focusing on whether another libertarian votes or not, then they are missing the point of the whole movement. I don't care what my fellow libertarians will do on election night. I only care about how many people I can convert to libertarianism between now and election night.