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thank you come again

I am willing to bet most people that have read on your comments on here already think you are about as real as reality TV. I would have to agree with them. As much as I like MMA and respect martial arts, it's just a sport not real combat. Hate to break it to you. People go home with some usually recoverable injuries and their pride hurt at the end of an MMA fight. There are no worries of going home in a body bag or with severed limbs. Go serve a few tours overseas and then someone might be impressed. And who said anything about hating Rand. Just cause I think Rand is a sellout doesn't mean I hate him and or would not support him on specific liberty minded bills. I donated and signed every petition for Audit the Fed, ending foreign aid etc just like almost every DPer I am sure did. I think you are troll, but I don't hate you either. As for putting money where mouths are, I would say the same to you but your mouth is probably occupied by neocon penis. I know a few students of MMA and not one of them "talks" like you. I see people try them constantly in public and even though they could crush the other guy, they've always kept a cool composure and never called anyone out to a ring cause they had to prove how much a man to everyone they are. I've never even seen them talk crap on the internet. But I have seen them laugh at tough guy wannabes like you all over sherdog and whatever other MMA forums are around these days. You can see through me? Bwhaahaha. You're the one trying to put up this front like you are chuck norris. It's hilarious that the guy who is calling people out for fights on a web forum is dumb enough to call other people keyboard tough guys....but seriously, C'mon now people have already caught on to what you are doing. So there is no need to keep the trolls going. Do you get paid for this? Times are tough, I understand, money is tight. Sometimes people will take a bullsh!t job to get food on the table. I hope that's the case for you and that you aren't some neocon sociopath. If you come out of the closet about being a mole troll, we'll throw a moneybomb in your honor for blowing the whistle. lol