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Why must you continually lie?

Why must you continually lie? First, nobody in your committee is going to know who you vote for unless you tell them. Not only that, but your loyalty oath doesn't require you to vote for Romney. Either show where in your loyalty oath it says you must vote for Romney or stop lying.

Also, we have already covered your nonsense that Ron Paul asked us to all join the GOP. I'll just repost what I've written before. You are so full of it. Here is what Ron Paul said we should do, "Do whatever you want. Do what you think is important. Everybody is an individual."

I'm going to post this every single time you try to tell us what Ron Paul said to do.

Finally, because you like to throw in an additional lie when I post this, no, Ron Paul didnt say this after nobody could become a delegate for him any longer. He wasn't saying that "since people didnt listen to me they should just do what you want," as you like to claim. He said this back in 2011 when anyone could've became a delegate and joined a committee. It is apparently very hard for you to stop lying, but it is only making you look foolish.