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the ww2-minded generals and the military establishment of the US is likely behind this.. they have been at it for decades, forever remembering what won them ww2-- out-resourcing japan on oil. they have pursued oil interests and control over the region for decades.. it's hilarious to think israel has anything to do with it. in order for the civilian side leader obama to get behind it, the military had to offer a cover so he doesn't risk his election by declaring open hostility against the region--hence israel the constant bogeyman supposedly calling for war near its own border.

china also realizes the importance of having oil supply in an arms conflict.. which is why they align themselves closely with their own line of friendly nations in the middle east.. the negligible benefit of slightly cheaper oil is nothing compared to having an ally like iran in the region. if china had half a brain, the decline of that offer was predictable by any 3 year old. this is why if us attacks iran while china is under a coherent political leadership, there will be instant international arms conflict. this then leads to the next logical conclusion--if US is daring iran now, it must mean there is some kind of political turbulence in china that is seen delaying their first-response, couple this with their recently missing political heir and the political uprising a few months back in south western part of china, it all comes together.