Comment: Anti-semitism is a tool.

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Anti-semitism is a tool.

We must separate these sadistic Zionist leaders whose only goal is "utter destruction" from the rest of the Jews (their "lesser brethren" as they call them). Most Jews are just as helpless as we are, if not moreso, because Jews who speak out often do so at the risk of excommunication or death.

The word "antisemitism" is a tool used to impose an "us vs them" mentality on the "lesser brethren," to keep them always feeling separate and "persecuted" (necessary for control), while at the same time ensuring that any discussion about the Zionist's plans will always be dismissed as racial or religious persecution.
Likewise for the holocaust myth. Nowhere near six million Jews died, there was no mass extermination program, no ovens or gas chambers, and the Jews were not the only ones to be put in camps. But these lies are necessary to propagate the "us vs them" narrative.