Comment: im confused with the logic of

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im confused with the logic of

im confused with the logic of the Rand haters. why on earth, if Rand was a traitor to the movement, a sellout, a neo con disguised as a libertarian etc etc etc, would Ron Paul allow him to be the opening speaker during his last major rally? using your logic he'd have to be some sort of a self destructive idiot. to leave one's life work in the hands of someone as treacherous as Rand, one would have to be a moron.

you woke up once already. wake up again. there is no question that Rand supporting romney/ryan is part of Ron Paul's strategy. anything less and you insinuate that the person you so cherish is incompetent and shortsighted.

could you have come up with the delegate strategy for running for the presidency? do you assume that the same person who spearheaded that movement is making such a big tactical error during such a critical juncture? please.