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Elegant Way to Explain

There is something from years ago that I am not sure Bob SHULTZ even understood. It is an opinion he rendered from Circuit Court on appeal.

The Libel of Review gets dismissed out leaving the suitor with an evidence repository in the USDC under the responsibility of the US clerk of court. The case being dismissed is distracting and one might easily fail to see the point in spending $350 filing fee for a case that will be dismissed. What is the value of an evidence repository?

Examine the links carefully and discern that a summons, levy or garnishment directly from the IRS is easily ignored, to the informed. So if one was to receive any such notice from a bank or employer he might Refuse for Cause into the evidence repository, forcing the IRS to go file and get a US judge to sign off on it in order to proceed.

If the suitor has made it clear that he is no longer endorsing private credit from the Fed though, no federal judge would sign off on such a request. Not only that, the IRS will not bother requesting him to.


David Merrill.