Comment: Obama re-elected

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Obama re-elected

would be really bad.

But I'm definitely leaning toward the view that Romney
getting in would be even worse.

I'm planning to vote for Gary Johnson, but as I'm in a
state that is safe for Obama, it's not likely that my vote is
going to affect anything directly, anyway.

Probably the best we can hope for at the moment is that
Obama squeaks out a win and that the minor party vote
in aggregate is as high as possible.

A vote for either the Green, Constitution or Libertarian
Party is at least a vote for peace and rolling back the
police state - and against the Demopublican duopoly.
Trolls excepted, pretty much any DP'er should be able
to live with at least one of the above..

Check Dr. Steve Pieczenik and Webster Tarpley on Alex Jones,
for a bit more on what a Romney victory could entail:

Pieczenik from about 33 min. and Tarpley from about
1:20 of the program.

(Love how the Ron Paul/Liberty people *own* the comments
to the article...)