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Name recognition

Hello Michael, thanks for posting this. Wow, what a wonderful, beautiful young person. How can we go wrong with such intelligent and animated supporters? Rachel is so in tune with the important issues of the day? Sometimes I feel that old guys like me have let this country down to a point where our children have to bail us out. Thankfully, we have Rachel and obviously many more like her.

Here’s another idea you might suggest to the campaign committee.

Rachel was absolutely right; name recognition is the “name of the game”. Look at Fred Thompson. His whole popularity is nothing more than name recognition from “Law and Order”. If we see it on TV, it must be important (sic).

As soon as possible, I would start a televised ad campaign with the goal solely “name recognition”. A simple 10 second spot, that’s about as cheap as it gets, would simple state:

“Who is Ron Paul?
Before you vote for the same old politics as usual, you owe it to yourself, your family and your country to look at Ron Paul for President. “A true Statesman””

I would keep it simple and give time to write down the info, but that’s the idea. Include some background pictures and the headquarters phone number and websites. That’s all I would do in the beginning. Just get his name out there.

Maybe they have already thought of this but I mention it here just in case.