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I believe

cause Rand is his son.He loves him and thinks that it would mend the wounds between us. We might do the same for our sons and daughters if in the same spot. However...

This isn't the first time this strat has been tried. It doesnt work. Watch, Rand is going to get sucked up into this false sense of friendship with them and then they will try to screw him the first chance they get. There is no compromise or working with these people. They don't like us or want us in their tent. They just want our votes so they can stay in power. Like Lew Rockwell said, why would we want a seat at the table. We should be wanting to knock that table over. They are just using him to get to the libertarian base, us. Once they are done with him, what do you think they will do? He and mostly Libertarians will be blamed for the parties short coming and then use that to keep us out even more. Its already happening. Libertarians are already getting blamed for Romney's failure.

I hope I am wrong and these plans bare fruit. I really do. I think Rand could have been a super star not just in the libertarian camp, but with the whole country had he not endorsed Romney. That will forever be a blight on his record along with his vote on Iran sanctions. Which I am sure he only voted that way to get his foot in the door with them. How many times have we heard RP say sanctions are an act of war.

And besides, with you people keep putting this on blast, its not a secret any more. If this is the plan, they should just explicitly say so already. The establishment I am sure is already manoeuvring to compensate for this. We are getting closer and closer to nullification being the only course we can take to fix this country.