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washington corrupts, agreed.

washington corrupts, agreed. however, in my opinion, if anyone could go to washington and act as a double agent without loosing sight of the movement's goals, it would be ron paul's son. i believe the neocons made a huge mistake taking rand in. once someone is in it is much harder to marginalize them, especially when rand has been the second most consistent politician in washington over the last two years. he's going to have the spotlight for the next four years after the utter failure of the romney campaign and he is going to continue waking people up in the same fashion and spirit of his father. people are talking about the gold standard, the federal reserve, questioning our foreign policy, and i would venture that many people are more cognizant of the real state of american politics and government than 4 years ago. obama is going to win this election. romney will be unpalatable to republican voters in 2016, paul ryan has done a magnificent job of making an idiot of himself. rubio is less and less viable. the other obvious choice is chris christie and it's unlikely his heart won't explode before the next election. their plan is exactly as you outlined: get the libertarian base, discard rand. i think it'll backfire. just like all previous plans are starting to.