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Comment: I have no reason to lie

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I have no reason to lie

I don't care what YOU do. Do what YOU want.

My ballot is mailed to me in TWO envelopes. The ballot goes into an envelope I MUST SIGN, and then another envelope that goes to the county clerk. Haw hard is it to open the envelope with MY SIGNATURE and look at my ballot to see how I voted?

I can bring my ballot to ONE polling place and that is run and operated by the treasusrer of my committee who admits she opens the envelopes and puts them in a marked box for ABV. How hard is it for her to open my envelope with my signature, which my ballot MUST COME IN THAT ENVELOPE and, not see how I voted.

For me to think, "Oh it's secret so they won't look." would be foolish.

Ron Paul asked us to become GOP delegates, if you did not he said, DO WHAT YOU WANT. YOU choce to NOT be on our team.. so do what you want. Get lost!

Post it a million times. DO WHAT YOU WANT. Won't change a thing!