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Some Nice points...

First I will out myself as voting for GJ.

"our elections are totally fraudulent. Between the 'losing ballots' and algorithmic vote flipping there's no way in America today we'll get an honest vote count."

Absolutely, I totally Agree! Your vote comes down to your personal stand and decision on how you play the un-winnable game.

"a Libertarian President will have NO ALLIES in Congress."

Who cares? Ron Paul had no allies for how long? It is important to fight Washington, but real change will not come from Government mandates, it will come from an educated populous of Liberty advocates. Getting people to vote for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson is more about drawing attention to the ideas and arguments, and less about taking control of this pageant we call an election, or a rigged system we call democracy.

The Libertarian Party is also an Idea, that there could be more then just a two party system. I feel like that's worth promoting.