Comment: You were torn

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You were torn

That's a great reason for you to remain grassroots. Glad you found your way back to your roots and in the streets waving signs. You are stabbing Ron Paul and his campaign in the back because YOU CHOSE to NOT do what the cmapaign asked of you, because YOU were torn/damaged/unwilling/unable not ready to do what we needed to be done to win. You didn't cut it.

The campaign does not need, or want grassroots.. DO YOUR OWN THING.. go wave signs till you turn blue. You're NOT helping Ron Paul, the campaign or yourself as far as the rEVOLution is concerned. We've moved beyond grassroots. We're DONE with it. Thank you.

YOU DON'T GET IT because you don't want to get IN THE PARTY to make a difference. You want to wave signs. GO WAVE SIGNS!

There are Ron Paul RepubliCANs in the Ron Paul rEVOLution in the Republican Party, and there are those who claim to be Ron Paul supporters who remain grassroots, steal Ron Paul's name, his message, do what they want which is joining a Liberty FROM THE rEVOLution movement. You made your choice and we made ours. We are in the GOP and have a mission materializing Ron Paul's message.

You want to go wave signs. Enjoy that, as we enjoy what we do.

Grassroots, "just another roadside attraction of those who have no traction, and won't be getting any".