Comment: I have researched it and yes

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I have researched it and yes

I have come to the conclusion that the official story as we have been told is a myth. No ovens, no homicidal gas chambers, no human soap or lampshades, no Führer order for the extermination, nothing. In some parts of Europe, you will even be jailed if you doubt any part of the story. Tell me, if there is nothing to hide, why are people not permitted to discuss it openly?

Now, some people will point out there is no way that all Jews lied about the "holocaust". And that's true. They didn't. But only the liars were given voice by the media and offered profitable book and movie deals. Here are some Jewish people who told the truth about the so-called "death camps." Their testimonies never made it past the cutting room floor

And here is a faker being confronted and admitting that he and his wife lied