Comment: Label requirement goes against Free-Market system.

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Label requirement goes against Free-Market system.

But it is also wrong for the food industry to manufacture and use GM food on the unsuspecting public, because it is clear that it is now positively not without harm. This said, the basic function of our "once-good" government was to protect the individuals, but now does the complete opposite and instead protects the corporations. So now we are in a bind as to how to deal with this issue most effectively.

Now that the Republic of ours is lost, and our basic protections gone, we are only left with "bandage" approaches to fixing the problems at hand, such as mandatory labeling. Is labeling the solution? I somewhat agree, as long as it's voluntary. Knowing what's in our food is an important aspect of our dietary choices. I stay away from most non-organic ingredients, especially any foods which contain corn or soy and its derivatives, unless they volunteer to tell us that it's certified organic (but this is also taken for granted as well, as this certification (7 USC Chapter 94) is defined by the FDA and Dept of Agriculture, who are looking out for our best interest, right?

If a company refuses to disclose the ingredients for me to make an informed decision, I will choose something else. Plain and simple. Too bad most people don't even bother or our supermarkets wouldn't be filled with so much poison on their shelves.

Ideally, we must restore our republic to it's former glory and then prosecute those who are negligent and inflict harm to any individuals or property, such as Monsanto, who continue to exist despite many confounding evidence (Such as the lab study referenced in this article) which question the safety of their products.

Most people here are probably quite knowledgeable about GM foods, so we can take precautions, boycott GM products and alert our family and friends to do the same. I wonder if this is still considered "conspiracy theory" topic, because opponents such as the Rockefeller Foundation, Gates Foundation are openly for GM and vaccines and say that it is the solution to our "over-populated" world.

Labeling will not change my food choices, because I already know some of the deceptions that is used in labeling, such as the term "natural flavoring" (21CFR101.22), which can be abused legally to contain not-so healthy additives. This will only benefit the ignorant masses. However, the media will ultimately find ways to subvert this as propaganda and say to accept GM foods to be superior to the "organic" ones, all the while, the big agra-pharma-chemical industries continue to manufacture toxins which contaminate our property and make us sick. And the sheep will continue to do what they're told.

So, as much as I agree with Mike Adams (which is a lot), I have to disagree with his solution on this matter. I believe it might only be a quick fix. Nevertheless, I commend him for providing many important news not found too easily elsewhere.

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