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LOL, Granger, did you read

LOL, Granger, did you read what Qadoshyah wrote? Have you read of the other work she, I , and MANY other have done and are continuing to do in our state?

You speak rashly on this matter looking the fool. I say that to be mean. The rebuke is well intended.

Not only are we the grassroots, we ARE the Republican party here. We are doing the work, putting in the time, making the calls, knocking the doors, etc...

We ARE continuing to organize and grow the Republican party. We are moving into leadership positions.

We are doing all these things while maintaining our principles. A thing which would not have been done with people like Al Gerhardt taking a leading role. If you haven't met him or seen his shenanigans count yourself blessed.

Here in this instance you rail against things you know not about. Take a deep breath.